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CHN Inspections, LLC.

Our goal with any inspection is to help you be as fully informed about the condition of your new home as possible. All properties need current and ongoing maintenance and repair. We use our experience, training, reference library and professional judgment to inform you about conditions that may have a significant economic impact or may be safety related. Our reports and discussions during the inspection can help you develop an understanding of: How to safely operate and maintain your home, items that are serious and should be fixed or negotiated as part of the real estate transaction, items needing normal maintenance or repair, and suggestions for future upgrades to the property. In addition to your inspection and report you may contact us at any time with questions about your home.

Charles Nance, the founder of CHN Inspections, works hard to create a relationship and an understanding between his clients and himself to insure that they are completely satisfied with the job he has done and that no detail is left unmentioned.

Contact Information

Charles H. Nance, P.E.
Cell: 314-805-5576 
Email: chnance@sbcglobal.net

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